Thunderstorms – [ Poetry Potluck week 37 ] – Sonnet # 3

A blinding flash,

An enormous roar,

The thunder hits,

It’s anger to the core.

The clouds turn black,

The houses turned to shack,

The sky turns grey,

The harsh winds slay everything in it’s way.

A tsunami hits,

The hurricane flits,

The lightening flashes,

Nature’s disasters clashes.

An enormous roar,

The thunder’s anger to the core.

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13 thoughts on “Thunderstorms – [ Poetry Potluck week 37 ] – Sonnet # 3

  1. This picture looks quite scary…almost as if it’s going to suck up everything in its path.

    Great description of the horror of severe storms.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. I love the drama and intensity of the poem. It has a very fitful quality like a storm

  3. So true to nature. Thank heaven our God is above it!

  4. VERY nice. LOVE your decision to use shorter lines. Couldn’t agree more.

    Great poem. And that photograph? YIKES!

  5. powerful.

  6. Powerful, very vivid imagery, Well penned!

  7. Imagery is too good and could feel the rage of thunder….Thank you for sharing…

  8. You rage quite well! I like it!

  9. All the different storms remind us that we are not as powerful as we think. Anger to the core–very nice. Enjoyed the poem.

  10. You captured the view so well, very vivid~

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  12. fart

    this is awesome

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