Uniqueness!!! [ Thursday Poet’s Rally week 44 ]

His jet black hair,

So lovely and styled with flair,  😉

His thick eyebrows,

Still beautiful even when it furrows,

His eyes so shiny and bright,

When you look into it , there’s nothing else in sight,  😀

His lips so thin,

It’s flawless shape is such a sin,

His smile so charming,

It hypnotizes you without a warning,

He may have a dimple,

Yet his looks are cute and simple.  🙂

His face is so perfect,

His uniqueness it reflects!!! 🙂

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19 thoughts on “Uniqueness!!! [ Thursday Poet’s Rally week 44 ]

  1. welcome back………….

    you have brought him to life.

    perfect poetry.

  2. Awww how sweet =)

  3. Fun, warm and sweet!

  4. hmmmm sort of reminds me of someone and that made me smile 🙂
    Thank you and enjoy the rally!

  5. A fun read, thank you. Keep dancing!

  6. Charmingly simple and wonderfully put! Nice flow:) Happy rally!

  7. so unique harsh.. who is he..?? Here is my rally post, ~ come on idiot, you are for me ~

    ! Happy Sunday !

    Someone is Special

    • @sis : That person is my really close friend.. my cousins cousin….

      reading urs now!!! 🙂

      @vishwas : thanks 🙂 and to u too!!!

  8. He sounds dangerous!!! In a delightful way.

  9. Sounds like someone who would captivate and motivate my attentions in a dangerous sort of way. Someone who would be fun to be around loving life. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Jeanne

  10. a fun read!! this reminds me of someone haha….thanks for sharing 🙂

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