Indulgence!!!!! [Poetry Potluck week 26]


A little bit of temptation,

A little bit of want,

A little bit of lust,

You just plunged into life’s,

Irresistible creamy layer of crust!!!




I just wrote this poem with the general view of everything we may want to indulge in our life.. Little childish.. But i love this poem 🙂 😛



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12 thoughts on “Indulgence!!!!! [Poetry Potluck week 26]

  1. Yum! Great words! Check this for another prompt giving blog –

  2. I think we’re writing about more than just chocolate.
    Great writing

  3. but I took a whole lot! love it 🙂

  4. sweet treat.

    well done.


  5. great one hashi! another encore for you!. here’s my potluck..

  6. yummyy… wonderful write 😀

  7. A little bit of mousse, a little bit of cake, a little bit of pudding, a little bit of brownie, and a hot cuppa cocoa to wash it all down…yum!

  8. Even a little bit would do for me… yummmyyyy!!
    Gosh how much i love chocolate…


    • @kavi : join the club!!!! 😀 xoxo
      @hannah : i swear.. heavenly and sinful 😉
      @raj : thanks 🙂
      @fiveloaf : long time!! thanks 🙂 reading yours.. 🙂
      @ji : thanks 🙂
      @BS : he he… thanks 🙂
      @NTH : u so got it… 😉 thanks 😀

  9. Angela

    Hi there,

    I’m passing the Versatile Blogger award to you

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