Cartoon – [Poetry Potluck week 24]

Our childhood pastime,

Our favorite channel,


It was always on air.  😀


Tome & Jerry,

We watch with such glee,

Being Princess Sarah,

Is every girl’s dream.  🙂


Hours of non-stop play,

Like in heaven on the couch we lay,

The number of cartoon we saw,

It was beyond our household law.  😛




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5 thoughts on “Cartoon – [Poetry Potluck week 24]

  1. hhahahhaha…SO TRUE, Harshika!!
    I wish I could do that even now!! 🙂 Break the cartoon watching law, i mean 🙂

    Such a sweeeeet poem!! teeheehee

  2. ahaha! That’s the reason why my kiddos are not allowed to watch on school days — they loved the heaven couch! 🙂

  3. love the cartoon,
    what a fun treat.


  4. true, at times, cartoons dominate our household…
    well done, love the humor.

    keep sharing.

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