Eternal – Haiku #31

Things may be limited,

At one time may be nothing,

But haiku is eternal.

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9 thoughts on “Eternal – Haiku #31

  1. That is a level of eternity for which all writers strive. Sweet.

  2. Nice take on the prompt ~ becca

  3. This gave me a smile this morning! Lovely reminder of what we are striving for.

  4. Yes – lovely sentiment and a pity february has only 28 days!

  5. the spirit of the artwork lives on 🙂 indeed!

    • @lynn : yes it does!! 😀
      @sonsy : yea.. wish it had more days too 🙂
      @cloacked monk : thanks 🙂
      @becca : thanks 🙂
      @mike : thanks 🙂

  6. love it,
    what a Haiku eternal…

  7. I love it.. Thanks..

    Someone is Special

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