To the top – Haiku #26 [ My 100th poem :D ]


My destiny i saw,

My journey towards  success,

My first steps i took.

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9 thoughts on “To the top – Haiku #26 [ My 100th poem :D ]

  1. may u many more with confidence and zeal 🙂 good one!

  2. With your destiny in view, all that is left is to follow your dream.

  3. Congrats on your 100th poem – an awesome milestone!
    At times – that very first step is the most difficult and takes the most courage. Keep moving ~
    Thank you for sharing! ~becca~

  4. Silvertongue

    The art of writing in a confined space such as the Haiku is a difficult art to master. I applaud your use of the limited space to convey messages that transcend it. Bravo. 🙂

  5. God bless you with every success. lovely haiku.


  6. great success.. I love this Haiku.. Glad you wrote your 100th Poem for the Haiku Challenge. Thanks..

    Someone is Special

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