Bliss – Haiku #24

The humming of bees,

The taste of pure , sweet nectar,

A delicious bliss.

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12 thoughts on “Bliss – Haiku #24

  1. amen. you are so true. a lovely, soothing haiku.


  2. the fruit of labour tastes more sweet 🙂 good onE!

  3. sweet.. thanks for this Harsh..

    Someone is Special

  4. delicious for sure..

    Someone is Special

  5. belfastdavid

    What a lovely gentle, warming start to my day


  6. delicious bliss and delicious half-rhyming

  7. The give and take of toil.

  8. The variety of taste of honey results in where the bees work and play! Yum! Delightful take … Thank you for sharing ~becca~

    Here is mine:

  9. I am feeling that bliss myself…
    Beautiful haiku 🙂

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