Lilt – Haiku #13

The birds chirping,

A musical note in the air,

Spreads the joy everywhere.

p.s : no clue if i got the correct meaning of lilt here in the poem.. it’s a new word to me…

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10 thoughts on “Lilt – Haiku #13

  1. I loved ur haiku..According to me it goes wonderfully with todays prompt.
    Even i was apprehensive about the same…do check out mine and critique 🙂

  2. I hope you used it correctly; there are a lot of us following in your footsteps. Bird’s chirping and musical notes are the exemplars of lilt. Excellent.

  3. Someone is Special

    Awesome Harsh.. Loved it… Have a great day..

    Someone is Special

  4. love to hear birds chirping,
    musical Haiku.

  5. lilt is cadence, usually joyful but rhythmical renditions. You sure did justice to the word 🙂
    Nice piece!

  6. Great poem, the word is new for a few of us. Hahaha!

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