Anger – Haiku #11

Emotions erupt away,

In anger certain things we say,

Later guilt makes its way.




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10 thoughts on “Anger – Haiku #11

  1. you said the right words, anger results in bitter regrets. 😦

    the question you asked about putting the haiku in a box its very easy, i use microsoft paintbrush for paintings, in that if you want to type something that will automatically come into a box, and if you dont want that box then use other softwares like irfanview, adobe etc.

    mine is here:

  2. these are words we could no longer take back. regrets come in late. brilliant haiku!

  3. That’s what Anger all about ..
    when we show it .. we are out of our mind
    but later we regret for our own behaviour ..
    Here’s mine …

  4. Someone is Special

    you said it all.. Loved your take on the theme..

    Somone is Special

  5. very well put together ..

  6. THE perfect reflection on anger.

  7. So hard to learn how to express anger in an effective way. Regret seems to go hand-in-hand with it when we react.

  8. true indeed! 🙂

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