Cynosure – Haiku #9

My guide you are,

Sparkling and shining above,

My star in the sky.


p.s : well i read that cynosure is something that guides or something that is attractive… So i chose my cynosure as a STAR. Felt perfect. Hope it’s the right choice.. DO tel me …

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11 thoughts on “Cynosure – Haiku #9

  1. Someone is Special

    Wonderful words.. Have a great month..

    Somoene is Special

  2. It is the perfect choice for those of us with stars in our eyes. Reach for the stars and you will never end up with a handful of sand.

  3. iblogmoore

    wonderful you haiku shines!

  4. Perfect choice. I also chose star but in a completely different manner. Like how you did yours.

  5. Jaan Pehchaan

    Love this! The word Cynosure came from Cynosura, or dog’s tail. It refers to the constellation Ursa Minor, in which the Pole Star is located.

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