Journey and the Road Ahead…. [Poetry Potluck] [Sonnet #2]

Well.. what I’m going to write now is my version of a sonnet. My first sonnet was also my version as I’m not following the strict rhyme scheme and structure and the syllable stuff. But yes i will get on to writing perfect sonnet soon. This is my second sonnet. Enjoy it!! 😀

With a new dawn to look forward to,

A clear day to start out with,

My new journey i start now,

One step after another slow,

Awaiting those twists and turns that come and go,

The thrills and excitements life can bring,

Some surprises and fun join in and sing.

My journey on the road ahead,

May be long or soon come to an end,

My life plans i not yet know,

I just want to enjoy and be on the go,

But i sense the road ahead will be great,

Now i start my journey after a break,

My first step on the road ahead i take.


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15 thoughts on “Journey and the Road Ahead…. [Poetry Potluck] [Sonnet #2]

  1. I love it.

  2. Beautiful…
    Wish you a wonderful journey ahead…
    Wonderful picture…

  3. enjoy as you walk the journey called life! here’s my new year potluck-

  4. Enjoy your first step…lovely poem

  5. love it,

    kind of refreshing to me.
    Thanks for sharing…


  6. And as you set forth on this wonderful journey, my best wishes are with you, my dear..
    A lovely positive and BRIGHT sonnet!! Very sweet…

  7. congrats on your perfect poet award wk 36 trisha! .. here’s mine for this thursday..

  8. awesomee!!! is the word…
    i soooo loved this one 😀
    i’ve never tried a sonnet.. somehow ye mere pallle nai padta.. gotta try soemday 😀

    here from Jingle’s Rally.. You can find my poem at

  9. This is lovely, thank you 🙂

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