In every phase of our lives we need,

Some ingredient to succeed.


To overcome a hurdle without fear,

The ingredient is be determined and clear.


To reach our goal without losing hope,

The ingredient is stay strong and go.


To cook ย a meal without a flaw in taste,

The ingredient is not to put your knowledge to waste.


To reach the peak without a worry,

The ingredient is to take it slow and steady.


To change our dreams into reality,

The ingredient is to work hard and study.


To be come the person we want,

The ingredient is to be smart.


And finally to become the successful person we want,

The key ย ingredient is to follow the right path.




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9 thoughts on “Ingredient(s)

  1. Nice rhyme and flow to these words of wisdom.

  2. TC

    what a sweet and encouraging poem ๐Ÿ™‚ happy saturday!

  3. happy 2011…
    thanks for the fun in 2010.
    loved your presence and support.

    best wishes.

    another gem in poetry. agree with your sentiments here.

  4. Suraksha

    I love the way this poem flows! ๐Ÿ™‚ Really nice work!

  5. The quality of the Ingredients will show in the results, I hope you get all the right ones.

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