SOUNDS of NATURE!!!! [Thursday Poet’s Rally Week 32]

The woosh of the wind,

The patter of the rain,

The chirp of the birds,

The buzz of the bees,

The ripples of the river,

The crash of the waves,

The rustling of the leaves,

The roar of the lion,

The hiss of the snake,

The squeal of a mouse,

The bark of a dog,

The mew of the cat,

The the trump of the elephant,

The neigh of the horse,

The howl of the wolf,

The caw of the crow,

The moo of the cow,

The bleat of a goat,

The grunt of a pig,

The cluck of a chicken,

The click of a dolphin,

The kee-kee of the monkey,

The bray of the donkey,

Combined with more fabulous sounds.

So pleasant to hear,

To our sharp , ever open ears.



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29 thoughts on “SOUNDS of NATURE!!!! [Thursday Poet’s Rally Week 32]

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  3. Jessicas Japes

    That’s a wonderful list of sounds! I loved the way it cascaded down the page.
    (on the elephant one you have put 2 ‘the’s’..)
    Happy Rally!

  4. Awesome sounds, in fact music. Town life has kept me yearning to hear all these sounds.

  5. Jingle

    what a vivid and live image your words are painting.
    beautiful and powerful piece,
    Thanks for sharing it with poets rally.
    Happy Weekend.

  6. ladynimue

    I think i knew these all too well when i was a kid .. a reminder to return to the roots 😉

  7. What a great compendium of nature sounds! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  8. Congrats on your 50 poems– keep listening!

  9. belladonna23

    i can hear nature right now…thanks for sharing 🙂 it was a real breath of fresh air
    my rally piece:

  10. Lovely writing, enjoyed it 🙂

  11. Loed the jingle of nature! beautiful..!!

  12. Descriptive, and straight 🙂 keep writing!
    mine is here:

  13. Irene

    Really nice sounds. And fun!

  14. oh, if one listens, the world has a lot to tell.. and our mind to imagine it in a most elegant fashion.. well written, DF 🙂

    My Entry For The Poet’s Rally Is Here

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  16. Nice 🙂

  17. Now if I could only figure out what those darn dolphins are trying to tell me.

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  19. Now, you are making me jealous. Pretty much the only thing I can hear from here is the

    whoose of the freeway
    the rumble of the train
    the racket of delivery trucks

    I’ll keep visiting you anyway! 😀

    Blog on and enjoy the peaceful of your neighborhood.

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