The 7 Deadly Sins [Poetry Potluck]

Well… this is the second time i’m actually following the theme. I think it’s week 6!!! 😀 This week’s THEME is SEVEN DEADLY SINS!!!! Well those are : Envy , Sloth , Gluttony , Wrath , Pride , Lust and Greed!!

This is the first time im writing on such a heavy topic. It won’t be too good. But check it out.

A twinge of jealousy,

A pang of complex,

A burning face,

This is an ENVIOUS soul!


No effort to move,

Not mindset to work,

As slow as a slug,

This is a SLOTH in your midst!


So quick to raid,

Too fast to eat,

No courtesy for others,

This is GLUTTONY in need !


Rage welling up like fire,

A temper in a flash,

Wild like a blizzard,

This is WRATH on your land!


Chest heaved up high,

Head tilted to the sky,

The alpha male is here,

This is PRIDE for your lives  !


A craving to make out,

The desire for sex,

Pervert thoughts in mind,

This is LUST which never rests!


The thirst for wealth,

A longing for riches,

Cunningness in the eyes,

This is GREED that none can survive!


Hope you guys enjoyed this!!


i really need honest feed back guys!! so SHOOT! 😛


Until next week!! See ya!!



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10 thoughts on “The 7 Deadly Sins [Poetry Potluck]

  1. wow harshi! this is great!

  2. Indeed, if one wants to learn about these seven sins what exactly do they mean..your fantastic poem would be the place to look for.. well crafted and nicely written. good experience to be on this page today.. Thanks!

  3. penelopephoebe

    Well thought out work, adhering to the theme really well. Well done for posting it.

  4. Beautifully crafted your poem.Enjoyed it!

  5. Scent of my heart

    I like it!

  6. nicely played sin words.
    love your entry….

  7. bravo, harshika!!! you apologized for it and yet you came up with a masterpiece here. very well written piece!

  8. okay, here’s a pretty honest one. Hope you won’t shooo-t me!!
    Astoundingly wonderful..!!
    Heavy topic.. eh? Well then you are sloth- stricken 😛
    Trust me- so was I- until the “greed” of reading beautiful comments took over and I “lusted” to see higher graphs on stats- board- LOLsss
    Dear Harshika, not only was this fun to read but also just so wonderfully done too!! PERFECT is the word. Very well done My Dear. Super- nice!! xoxox

    Happy Potluck.. the new template looks so fresh.. 🙂
    Now I am being “greedy” for your visit on my take.. 😀


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  10. It seems that you have seen these things around you too. Peace be with you!

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