You make me smile. [Thursday rally week 29]

There are very few things that make me smile,

I know you’ll walk a mile to see that smile.

Your sparkling eyes make me smile,

Your ” i love you” makes me smile.

Your lovely lips make me smile,

Your kiss on my forehead makes me smile.

Your every touch makes me smile,

Your tight hug just makes me smile.

Your physical presence makes me smile,

Just seeing your face makes me smile.

Your lovely voice makes me smile,

Your funny nose makes me smile,

Your soft chest makes me smile,

Holding your warm hands make me smile,

Your unruly hair makes me smile,

Knowing that your always mine makes me smile.

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55 thoughts on “You make me smile. [Thursday rally week 29]

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  2. wow,
    this is very cute…
    love the innocence in the child’s eyes.

  3. thanks for sharing,
    love your loving spirits in supporting poets rally.

  4. Reading you Harshika, I smiled.. what a sweat one Darling.. 😀 Absolutely baby sweet.. mwaah

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  6. aawww leee..chooo cute 🙂
    harshy baby you rocked it again 😀
    i love it i love it 😀

  7. thats a cute poem.. with such wonderful feelings
    beautifully written

  8. That is precious and full of the gifts of gratitude for your loved ones. Bravo!

  9. Your poem did make me smile also. Great job.

  10. Nothing makes me smile more than innocence…got to love babies.
    Well said!

  11. ladynimue

    sweet lines !! they did make me smile !!

  12. So sweet and cute. I love it!

  13. Lovely poem, the feelings are so aptly described 🙂


  14. Someone Is Special

    You made me smile with this beautiful image and poem..

    Lovely done..

    –Someone Is Special–

  15. simply fabulous harshika. loved the poem. its adorable and sweet.

  16. Nice work… first visit to yr blog, nice scene.

    Catch you around


  17. Aww lovely!
    Thank you so much for sharing.
    By the way: this poem made me smile!

  18. River

    I would have guessed baby even without the picture. Theres nothing like a baby. 🙂

  19. Angela Cohan

    Lovely–this piece put a smile on my face 🙂

  20. sweet as candy. 🙂 lovely.

  21. penelopephoebe

    A lovely poem to make me smile…..thanks.

  22. Your poem makes me smile. How lovely it is.

  23. I hope I get to smile at all these things again soon. Nice write. Love and Light, Sender

  24. Adorable! Such a happy piece–very well done!

  25. What a happy poem. I’m smiling!

  26. kyoichi

    there was a time when i could say all of this to one person…and now that time is lost.

    somehow, this made me sad.

    you mean well =]

  27. your bubbly poem made me smile 🙂 this is lovely and romantic.

  28. yes, the smile in the image and the poem, both made me smile too.. 🙂

    Rally Week 29, My Poem

  29. how are you?
    please return favors to those poets who are here…
    Happy Tuesday!
    I valued your contribution.
    nominate one poet and let me know, referring to the perfect poet award.

    • @ji : me great?? how r u? all done ji.. all favours returned. I already specified the person to who i want PERFECT POET award to go to . Sadly , only person appealed to me this time 🙂

  30. lovely, beautiful, heart warming

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  32. Precious moments there momma. I say momma because that’s the way we parents are about our kids. It’s just so much fun…they make me feel like a kid again.

  33. In summary- you are the source of all the important smiles in my world. Thank you baby. lol That was quite lovely. Reminds me of Amy Grant’s song, “Baby Baby” written for her daughter Milly 20 years ago or so… ;-P
    Thanks for sharing.

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