A RAINBOW!!!! =) [ Thursday Poet’s Rally week 28]

Hey guys. Yesh!!! I’m back with a poem on a very interesting and lovely topic ” RAINBOW”. I’ve been writing tooooooo much about love so i thought let me bring in a bit of nature to the scene. So here goes.

All of us as children have been taught to remember the colors of the rainbow thro’ the word ” VIBGYOR”. Atleast i have. Well it’s thro’ this word that i’m going to write my poem. *breathes out* Here i start :

The colourful rainbow shining in the sky,

Seven lovely colors combined.

Forming the first arc of rainbow , a clue ,

It’s violet – A divine color so true.

The second is unique and rare in a way,

It’s  Indigo – nearly everyone’s fav.

A smooth color , so beautiful and nice

It’s  Blue –  the sea it symbolize.

It’s a part of the scenery  everywhere ,

It’s  Green – the nature’s lair.

It’s so indescribable , related to so many things,

It’s Yellow – the sun behind the sea sinks.

It stands out no matter what the crowd,

It’s  Orange – the day is out.

The final arc making the scene,

It’s  Red in  –  so light in color , beautiful and serene.

P.S : usually people will indicate RED for DANGER. But if u will see the rainbow closely… red in only faintly shown. That is why indicated it as SERENE.

I hope all of you liked the poem. A bit childish i guess. But i had fun writing it.

That is it from me now!!! bye 🙂

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57 thoughts on “A RAINBOW!!!! =) [ Thursday Poet’s Rally week 28]

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  2. wow,

    what a stunning post…
    u truly shine and tickle me with your enthusiasm and brilliance…

  3. I love rainbow,
    it is the color of hope and happiness.

    have fun visiting!

  4. I really like this, especially the use of colour, it’s so effective! Well done!

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  6. a seven hued, brillantly written verse for the rally, Harshika 🙂

    my rally post is Here 🙂

  7. I loved the descriptions…especially Nature’s Lair!! WOWWW
    Awesome job, Harshika… this was a lovely ode to that colorful piece of heaven…

  8. You have done an awesome masterpiece here my friend …Well done!!!

  9. Love the lightness…what a cool way to describe a rainbow. I love rainbows.

  10. I love it when a poem is playful like the one you did =] keep up your style

  11. I so love the theme.. the concept is mind blowing..
    The 7 colors, the Rainbow- mind blowing………………… I love mauve and loved your words for the color too..

    Here’s my post, do comment, I would love that:

  12. All the very Best….
    Loads of Luck

  13. fabulous will be an understatement. loved the way you described the rainbow. those pix are mind blowing.

  14. Nice rhyming! Thanks for sharing a colorful piece!

  15. thanks for spreading the rainbow… and the sunshine that goes with it. this is a lovely poem!

  16. wwooowww… is the word 😀
    that was one stroke of brilliance with the red 😀
    and i wud put red as LOVE 😉
    not danger 😀
    good one harshika 😀

  17. I love rainbows… its been a long time since i had seen one
    but i can see that through your words 🙂
    lovely description of each color …. beautiful write.


  18. What an amazing piece of writing and that picture is quite simply magnificent Kx

  19. how are you.


    #1: return favors,
    #2: visit 18 NEW to you…

    hope that you truly enjoy the poetry from our Rally week 28.
    we have many fresh participants, you may want to check some of them out!

  20. A really sweet poem, by the way. It’s really nice, the way you assigned meaning to every color. Keep it up..

  21. Interesting topic and great form! I enjoyed reading this.

  22. How fun. I love anything to do with color! Victoria

  23. i love the rainbow… love your disruption..
    Super super cute

    happy weekend
    viva la vida

  24. Such a rainbow of thoughts…. I love it! Heartspell

  25. amazing job,
    yes, I represented some old participants…
    Glad that you completed…

    Jingle Poetry : http://jinglepoetry.blogspot.com/
    remember to sign in at our new poetry place.

    link in one or two poems tomorrow after 8pm…
    if you follow and leave your link in, you can be placed in our blog roll…

  26. somehow you have managed to fit into words something i thought was indescribable..

  27. I love this poem, and the picture. We had a perfect double rainbow here on Friday night and stupidly, I failed to photogaph it.

  28. kyoichi

    green’s my color [from this tcgame i’m playing] and yes, it does encompass so many things =]


  29. Chloe

    This is a really beautiful poem – with great use of rhyme. Love it 😀 xx

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    Thanks in advance.
    Hope to see you in our lovely potluck…

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  34. this is charming, how do you do?

    come back to poets rally any time, welcome in.
    you rock!

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