FIRST DATE :* [Thursday poet’s rally week 26]

Hey guys….. 😀 I’m back to blog sphere after quiet sometime. I’ve been missing it like crazy. I didn’t get the time due to my college exams and other activities and i’ve really been missing u al. I did find some to check a few ppl’s blog.. u would have received my comments 😉

and trisha thank you for your concern.. Now i’m back in blog sphere and i’m gonna blog like mad.

You’ll have a lot to read especially in my other blog [my college things]

This is poem is dedicated to my true love. I don’t know if u’ll find it interesting but he means the WORLD to me 😀 SO read on guys!!!!

Your beautiful,

Your my first love.

I’ve been waiting for this day

For 3 long years of my life.

Our first date,

the most unforgettable day.

Your really surprised me,

In almost every single way!

After 3 long months,

I finally saw you,

Right outside college waiting for me to come to you.

We left the place,

Walking hand in hand.

As we waited for a bus,

My heart beat fast.

I couldn’t believe,

Everything was happening so fast.

As i traveled away,

With you by my side.

Holding your hand,

And lost in thought.

Finally we reached our destination,

The SKYWALK mall 😀

SO  restless to feel you,

WE ran into a movie.

My resistance level failed me,

My craving drove me to insanity.

But finally you touched bringing your lips close to mine,

I felt this was heaven with my husband by my side. 😉

This is how my first date went,

To my fabulous day that was the end.

p.s : I’m only 18.

i love my guy and he will be my husband…. plz don’t mistake the word ” husband” and think i’m married 😛

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68 thoughts on “FIRST DATE :* [Thursday poet’s rally week 26]

  1. Awww…beautiful and romantic, like it!

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  3. first love,
    it is so precious and unforgettable,.
    your image is very lovely and demonstrates your feelings very well.
    Amazing love poem.
    it pours from your heart,
    which is moving and heartfelt.

  4. yay for 1st loves! You def only get one, and i don’t think it can ever be topped! Congrats! I hope he does become your husband, mwah!

  5. Awwwww…this was so sweet and romantic, Harshika…
    Brought back some lovely memories of not long ago … ooohh!!!

    May you and your guy find blissful togetherness in each other forever 🙂

    Ohh… and here are some lovely August Awards for you… please feel free to accept as many as you like, and when you find time, pass them to your friends as well…
    Much love….

  6. Wow.. looks like you totally adore your guy.. good for you 😉 Ha ha.. I know sometimes the theme of the poem could be bit misleading, I remember writing a poem once about the feelings of parents, and people thought I were a mother 😛 It happens..!! Anyways such beautiful emotion expressed here..!! Delightful..!

  7. I loved this Harshika….this was so romantic and awesome…I am so happy to see you back and wish you so much love with your loved one!! Thanks for sharing dear friend xx

  8. Sweet and romantic seems\to be the only thing i really struggle to write well,
    But you do it brilliantly

  9. Aww! How sweet! It sounds like your guy is lucky to have found you.

  10. awallinsight

    this poem is so cute. your emotions are definitely felt by all readers!

  11. I love this. I see you are truly in love!!

  12. Thank for sharing this 😀 it is beautiful and romantic

  13. ah, wish all first dayes went so excellent…nice romantic feel to this one obviously…smies.

  14. ayehaye madamjeee kispe dil aagaya 😉
    hamein bhi tho bataoo 😛
    brilliant lines lady 😀
    does He know you write poetry.. nai pata hai tho abee ke abee batao 😀
    aur bhi fida ho jayenge 😀

    ekdummm massttt 😀
    God Bless both of you 🙂

    • @megzone : ha ha… ab to appko pata hi ho gaya ki hum pyaar mein he

      haan usko pata hai… i tell him everything….. thank u so much 😀

  15. good on you its great to have that dream..i was 18 when i met my wife who was 17..i knew when i met her i would marry her…yep 25 years later and still loving her..cheers Pete

  16. Absolutely adorable and precious.

  17. Oh this is so sweet and romantic… 🙂 You are such a lucky gal, thank you for sharing this 🙂

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  19. Dating was so long ago for me…this reminded me of those butterflies and goosebumps again. 🙂

  20. Aww, first dates! Sweet.

  21. Beautiful,simply marvellous.. Congrats on finding the love of yo life at such a young age, cant wait for those wedding bells

  22. great job,
    make sure that you have returned favors to those above….


  23. DiamondsAndDogs

    Love at first date 😉

    This was very sweet.

  24. What a wonderful poem! I can feel the joy and love running through every line! Well done.

  25. welcome back. The writing is beautiful

  26. very romantic this.. 🙂 beautiful dedication to ur guy 😀

  27. awww…this is so sweet n beautiful:)

  28. we too have missed you a lot! just loved the poem. May God make all your dreams come true.
    have a beautiful week. will check the other blog too.


    the deadline to vote for July poets is Sunday,
    thanks for the attention….

    Happy Saturday!
    u r nominated, thus u win one vote automatically,
    when u vote for other poets, u will obtain another vote for yourself…

  30. sweet and memorable

  31. WEM

    You are a beautiful soul. So don’t stop. Your guy is lucky.

  32. Oh, first love!!!! There is nothing quite like it. You’ve done well with this poem … and it’s the photograph is a perfect complement.

    Am on my way out now, but I will have to search out you other blog too.

    Here’s wishing all your young dreams come true …

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  34. hey gal … u must be lucky in love…. all da best for ya love life.. 🙂 go ahead with ur persuasion:)

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