You were there for me during the bad times,
You stood by my side,
You gave a helping hand and shoulder to lean on,
You did what i told and tried your best
Though you were fed up, you didn’t give yourself a rest.
You made me believe that i can count on you,
To always be there when i need you,
Though you  were scared, you gave it your best,
You got all the scoldings but still didn’t rest.
No one can help me the way you do,
No can understand the way you can.
Thank you friend for everything you did,
For staying by my side all this time.
This poem i have written specially for you
To show my thanks and gratitude.
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8 thoughts on “THANK YOU.

  1. This is touching and moving poem, I love it, it is a poem within a poem sort of thing, love it<3

    Deep and so filled with emotions, lovely:D

    Happy Poetry Potluck, my friend!=D

  2. great poem,
    being thankful is lovely.

  3. You’re welcome. What? Oh, you weren’t talking to me? Ohhh! Sorry then! (LOL)

  4. Awww, that is sooooo sweet, thanks so much for linking with Potluck my friend, so much appreciated and wonderful to see you in. Many hugs just for you xxxxx

  5. Someone Is Special

    Great Poem.. I loved it…

    –Someone Is Special–

  6. great poem harshi..

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