SAKURA !! ^__^

The cool wind blowing thro’ the tress,
The flower petals shaking in the breeze,
Of white, pink, crimson and red,
Clustered like stars in a lovely bed.
The autumn wind touching their skin,
Making them fall with their kith n kin.
Like rain of flowers from the sky
They smell so sweet like a cherry pie.
Their groove looks so beautiful n bright,
Even the sun looks at them with awe in its light.
Sparkling like emeralds and rubies too
They are nothing but SAKURA known as CHERRY BLOSSOMS too.
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10 thoughts on “SAKURA !! ^__^

  1. Fun to read and I love cherry blossom too, wish they can be grown in singapore T_T

  2. cool wind,
    flower pedals,

    these are beautiful,
    Thanks for linking…
    do visit others to see what they have!

  3. what a fabulous testimony to flowers…

  4. Is it that time of year again already? Thanks for passing this dish for the potluck!

  5. Cherry blossoms are WONDERFUL…and cherry pie ever better…as sweet as you. Much love and hugs xx

  6. Lovely natural moment. Here’s my belated Pot Luck poem. Hope your week goes well

  7. Awww…. this was absolutely lovely!! And you have described them PERFECTLY!! Awesome, Harshika!!!
    Thanks for participating in the poetry potluck,… your poem was a rel treat! 🙂

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