You are the person i want,
My dream come true.
You gave me love, you gave me a joy
A mistake i made though don’t know why?
Without realizing or without meaning to
I hurt your feelings even more.
But i love u lots can’t you see,
Your the one just right for me!
I’ll give my life to get you back,
I’ll do whatever you say i promise you that.
Just give me a chance to prove myself,
And be with me like all these years.
I’ll show you that we can live together,
With love and joy forever and ever.
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5 thoughts on “COME BACK TO ME…


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    • @jingle : i now understand. will surely be an active participant. i am new so will take sometime to get used to…. plz guide me through!

      i’ve been writing poetry for 4 years. since my 9th i guess


    two poetry awards,
    4 general blogging awards for you.
    Thank you for the contributions for Thursday Poets Rally week 22.

  3. Desiree

    Will definitely be coming back.. great blog!
    Great poem.

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