One moon can make the sky shine,
one sun can light up the earth,
one candle can give hope,
one love can meet two hearts,
one word can cause a fight,
one smile can cheer you up.
one fight can break a heart,
one man can invent lotz,
one seed can make a tree,
one dropp of water can make the plant live,
one shower of rain can make a plant grow,
one pounce can kill an animal,
one mistake can lead to a disaster,
one bomb can cause a havoc,
one child can bring joy!
There is so much that this ‘ONE’ can do,
That there is no end for it too.
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11 thoughts on “ONE!

  1. one for eternity,
    even though it is one,
    one is still one ,
    yet one can be many! 😀

    Very true and love your words<3 :3

    Happy Poetry Potluck:P

  2. well put.
    love your word flow AND the sentiment in it..

    divine post.
    Happy Monday!

  3. Thank you for the reminder of the power of one… too often we allow ourselves to get discouraged. Your words do precisely the opposite. So grateful for your words this morning!

  4. That’s why individuals are important. One person CAN make a difference!

    Thanks for passing this dish for the potluck!

  5. The power of ONE…you have captured the essence to perfection dear one:) xxxx Thanks so much xx

  6. oh…absolutely true!! A very very significant number indeed! The start!! The center! The step away from nothing!
    Loved your poem, H!!! Too good!

  7. you write well harshi..

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