I’m going crazy with the passing days,
I’ve sunk into the depths of insanity.
My heart is burning like fire, making me writhe with pain,
A flame of anger is growing in my body,
It’s making me lost my head!
I’m on the verge of destroying my surroundings, including myself…
I’m ready to smash things to pieces,
Just ready to start a fire.
I want to see the destruction with my eyes…
See everything going to ashes!
I want to laugh without a reason,
I want to tear my books apart.
Worst of all i want to people to be away from me,
Before i start ripping them apart!
I just want some peace of mind,
Some isolation in an isolated place.
I want to stop the burning in my eyes,
And throw away these insane thoughts!
But every second my insanity grows,
Soon I’ll be myself no more.
I have to get away as quickly as possible,
I’m losing control of mysel.
Insanity is breaking through the barriers of my mind,
And insanity is taking its place!
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23 thoughts on “Insanity…

  1. what a dark, intense piece! i can feel the anger and desperation.

    Bye For Now

  2. oops! stop losing your mind or i’d have nothing to read! haha! just jokin.. 😉

  3. Perfect imagery of a break down. Now go take a long bubble bath 🙂


  4. Jingle

    your desire to be free and heard is obvious in your words.
    powerful piece.
    thanks for linking up with potluck.
    Thanks for the comments in my posts.

  5. A.B. Thomas

    Such a delicious darkness in the emote, well done!

  6. thoughtsnotlost

    Wow, such anger, desperation captured in this piece. Insanity, indeed. Well written!

  7. The one person you can’t get away from is yourself. You’ve captured your emotions well in this poem.

  8. Wow, I can identify with this in certain times of my life. It was cathartic to read!

  9. great view of desperation and anxiety. nice job!

  10. This is strong, powerful, and really angry! I like how the emotions behind the words draw me in. I hope you’re calm now, though!

  11. Such thoughts are good to express, this way you wont cause a mess .. you will free yourself, cure your own insanity.

  12. Great imagery of despair and powerful thoughts… I liked your words…
    ‘Worst of all i want to people to be away from me,
    Before i start ripping them apart!’
    Thanks for sharing..

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

  13. You captured the spiral of frustration so well. Embrace the darkness – you can learn so much from it…remember it will end!

  14. Oh my my !! That really was quite intense!! Must’ve been a mad moment!! I hope that’s gone by now, and all’s well with you gain…
    Some extreme emotions are very well expressed in this poem!! Kudos…

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