Those big round faces
Shaking their heads and smiling
Enjoying the air
And dancing with joy.
Sunflowers n’ daisies
Violets n’ roses
So many kinds of blossoms,
Big n small, pretty n gay.
Red, blue, pink and white
Bright in the morning light
With dew drops shining in the sun’s light.
Each leaf fresh n new
Looking like new born too.
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38 thoughts on “BLOSSOMS! ! :)

  1. light and refreshing..

  2. what a fun verse…fresh and light…

  3. very cute poem.

  4. refreshing and beautiful lines!

  5. aahh sweeet blossoms..

    here from Jingle’s Rally..
    you can check my poem at

  6. Like the energy in your lines. Write on!

  7. Very pretty with great imagery – my favorite kind of poem!

  8. shoelessboywonder

    I love rhymes, and i enjoyed your dabble in the area, i suggest you look more into it, they can be fun :D…The poem was great just so you know, keep it up and i shall look forward to reading more of your poems in the following Thursday rallies

    • @shoelessboywonder : will take ur advice and look into it. Thanks 🙂

      • shoelessboywonder

        Thanks for stopping by my blog, and i truly hope you enjoyed the read. 😀 I hope all is well with you and i thought i would tell ya that i have added you to my blog roll so have a good one and ill be sure to check back in in the future

      • @shoelessboywonder : will keep coming back man! keep reading mine too!

  9. so carefree you just feel invited to step into the smells and sights of your words…nice writing!

  10. El

    Beautiful colours! Really nice imagery. : )

  11. visit poets to return favors first,

    then find 18 poets that are new to you to comment…
    include your poetry link…
    have fun!

  12. A great feelgood poem.

  13. I have a perfect imagery of the picture in this poem…nice one. Cheers!!

  14. your beautifull words have painted a vivid image in my mind.well done.

  15. Very nice and delicate work my friend!!

  16. tq for your vote..

  17. Very nice. Cute blog too 🙂

  18. did you return favors to poets above?

  19. Nice poem! It brightened my day a little.

  20. they make our lives heaven 🙂

  21. Very Beautiful… In fact it gives pleasant picture of a very beautiful morning 🙂

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