From the infant she was till now , this moment,
The love and affection she received , the support she got,
The encouragement from her parents,
And everything in her life, is something she must be grateful for,
And never deprive.

But after a certain age her my life,
The feeling of insecurity and burden began to arise.
She kept going into a trance , thought swirling in her mind.
All the problems she may have to face , with the present problems combined!

The voices of her parents ringing in her ears…
” Your not capable , you can never achieve
Don’t make us spend on you, don’t make us believe in you…
This is all you can do , don’t try for more.
Just do what you can , there’s no time for more!”

Lost in despair , she felt herself break,
No one to talk , no one’s help to take.
The feeling of burden takes over her,
She wants to leave home and go far away!

Let her parents live their lives , just forget about her…
She wants to run away and never be found.
She wants death to take over her , even if its spell bound….

As hard as she tries , she can never achieve.
A failure she is in every field.
She worries her parents , day in and day out…
Will these strife’s never be over and she passes it all out.

She never believed this saying , but she believes it now

” a women is a liability while the man is an asset!”

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